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Features and Specifications: A team OSD favorite, the AMP200 is a high current 2-channel amp with loads of features. This amp lets you home run (directly to the back of the amp) two pairs of speakers or 4 speakers total. Since it’s high current, you can add up to 4 pairs of speakers (8 speakers total) by adding OSD speakers selectors such as the DSM4. Rated at 80 Watts per channel at 8 ohms, the OSD-AMP200 is overload stable so it’s ideal for use anywhere clean power is needed. It also includes a dual source switching circuit. When you connect two independent sources number (say your iPod and a TV in another room) source one takes priority when it is active. When source one is turned off, source number two comes on. Note: You cannot play two sources simultaneously. For this feature you need a multi-channel amp like our MX1260. Step-up features rarely seen in amps of this price range include a built-in voltage meter, and front mounted volume and balance trim controls. • OSD’s “built-like-a-brick” onstruction • Two sets of speaker outputs selectable from the front panel • 2 stereo low-level (RCA) inputs and one high-level (speaker) input • Dual line-level inputs with priority override switching • High current capability • Custom installer feature set • Built-in dual voltage meter 80W per CH into 8 ohm loads with less than 0.2% THD+N 125W per CH into 4 ohm loads with less than 0.2% THD+N 200W per CH into 2 ohm loads with less than 0.2%THD+N 250W Bridged Mono into 8 ohms with less than 0.2% THD+N Crosstalk: >65dB @ 1kHz, ref. to rated power into 8 ohms Frequency Response: (20Hz to 20kHz)+0.0dB, -0.5dB Signal to Noise ratio: -103dB ref. to rated power into 4 ohms AC Power Consumption: 700W (all channels driven) Dual Voltage 110/220V Front-panel power switch 12-volt trigger Auto-signal sensing function Free of lead and other environmentally dangerous substances Dimension: 16 1/2″ W x 4 1/4″ H x 14″ D Gross Weight: 35 lbs 2 year warranty View/Download Printable Owners Manual View/Download Printable Product Information

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