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Landscape Lighting by Best Quality Lighting

Here at Landscape Lighting Products, we offer the best lights and accessories from the top manufacturers and designers around the country, and are proud to offer Best Quality Lighting products for landscape lighting all in one place. Featuring over ten types of products, from directional lights to pathway lights, underwater lighting, and beyond, our collection of Best Quality Lighting products is perfectly suited for traditional and modern designs around the country.

About Best Quality Lighting

Best Quality Lighting (BQL) is a premium low-voltage lighting manufacturer based in Camarillo, California, since 1999. They are an industry leader in their field and offer some of the best low-voltage lighting products on the market. All of their products offer outstanding value and are built to last. Their commitment to the quality and durability of their products can be seen in the lifetime-backed warranties that are applied to every one of their products.

Their die cast brass lighting fixtures are some of the most durable in the industry and suit areas that see a lot of wet, rainy, or snowy conditions. Their lighting products will even survive in the salty conditions of coastal homes.

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Best Quality Lighting Product Range on Landscape Lighting Products

BQL’s product range is built to last and primarily uses brass as their main material to ensure longevity, beauty, and durability. We here at Landscape Lighting Products offer outstanding fixtures and accessories from all ten of Best Quality Lighting’s lighting product categories.

  1. Polaris Built-In LED Series
  2. Thin Line Hardscape Series
  3. Up & Spot Lights
  4. Deck & Step Lights
  5. Pathway Lights
  6. Well & In-Ground Lights
  7. Wall Mount Lights
  8. Underwater Lights
  9. LED Light Bulbs
  10. Accessories Range

BQL offers top products that are built to last a lifetime. Offering premium quality lighting, BQL has some of the best products available, and you cannot beat that lifetime warranty. Illuminate your landscaping, exterior walls, every step, and more with the beauty and power of Best Quality Lighting  LED, low-voltage brass lights and accessories.

Benefits of Die Cast Brass Lighting

Brass is a premium material to use for outdoor lighting. It holds up well in all environments, even coastal areas that see a lot of water and salt. The only change you will see to your brass lighting fixture is a darkening of its color, but fear not, because brass will never corrode. To ensure the product in question is right for your home, simply check its code. Some brass products are suitable for misty areas, and others can handle coastal areas and snow.

Improve Your Landscape Lighting

Brass lighting from BQL can be used to improve your landscape lighting and help you enjoy more of your outdoor areas.Are there any favorite areas that you you want to highlight at night? Choose BQL brass lighting!  And of course, you’ll want to shine these beautiful brass lights on any functional areas that should be lit for safety.

Use the full range of BQL products to make art out of your outdoor lighting—there are endless ways to  use shadow play to create interesting textures and designs in the night. Simply choose from the BQL products we have on offer and get started on your backyard beautification project today!

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