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Landscape Lighting by Focus Industries

Here at Landscape Lighting Products, we are proud to offer one of the oldest landscape lighting manufacturers in the country. FOCUS industries has been growing and expanding their range of top quality outdoor lights and accessories since 1989, and they offer some of the best quality, premium products available on the market today.

Dedicated to future innovation, their goal is to provide the safest, most secure, and most beautiful landscaping lights on the market. Here at Landscape Lighting Products, we are proud to stock their full range of products.

About Focus Industries

FOCUS Industries has been providing quality lighting and accessories since 1989 and is GoGreen certified. Their success is evident, and they have been expanding and growing since they first opened their doors to the public in Santa Fe Springs, CA. As one of the few lighting manufacturers that specializes in landscape lighting, their product range is built with purpose and built to last.

Featuring multiple finishes and made of a variety of materials, you can choose your perfect lighting products and accessories with ease. Focus Industries even offers top-notch training in English and Spanish to ensure that all contractors, specifiers, and distributor personnel are trained and capable of installing their range of landscape lighting products.

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Top Landscape Lighting Products from Focus Industries

FOCUS offers premium quality items at the most competitive prices.

  • Step and Brick Lights.

    Keep your steps illuminated in the dark and light up the exterior of your home with step and brick lights available from FOCUS.

  • Paver Lights.

    Add FOCUS Industries’ beautiful paver lights to your design and enjoy a high-quality and impressive landscape design element. With long-lasting paver lights, you can be sure you, your family, and your guests will always see the way through your well-designed yard.

  • Area Lights.

    Light the edges of your pathways and throughout your backyard with a variety of small, for-purpose area lights. Long-lasting and durable, these little lights are perfect to light up any property. Highlight the areas you want to stand out and shine!

  • Directional Lights.

    Directional lights highlight your beautiful yard design—direct light towards areas of intrigue in your backyard such as fountains, statues, etc.

  • Well Lights.

    Light up your yard with discreet well lights that are buried into your property or installed directly into your patio floor. Showcase your landscaping with these well lights that are designed to last for years.

  • Hanging Lights.

    Perfect to place underneath porches, the hanging light product range from FOCUS Industries features modern, brass designs that will wonderfully suit any property. Built to withstand the elements and last for years, these hanging lights will add dimension and intrigue to your property.

  • Underwater Lights.

    Bring your water features to life with your choice of stunning underwater lights, from modern to traditional designs, featuring directional lights and beyond.

  • Deck Lights.

    Light your deck with seamless and beautiful little lights that can be installed directly into your railing. The bulk-free design is perfect for your sleek and efficient lighting needs.

  • BBQ Lights.

    Keep those fires roaring throughout the night with quality and durable outdoor lights specifically designed to help illuminate your BBQ. Ideal for cooking a delicious late-night meal, these flexible lights can be installed on the wall or near your BBQ. A must-have deck feature!

  • Path Lights.

    Illuminate your pathways with a variety of beautiful and unique pathway lights from FOCUS. From traditional to whimsical and modern, all designs are made to last and offer superior and attractive options to light your pathways in the dark.

And So Many More Outdoor Lighting Products!

FOCUS Industries truly lives up to its promise, offering a huge range of landscape lighting products. With a quality guarantee and GoGreen certifications, every FOCUS Industries product you choose to design the lighting aspect of your outdoor space is a choice well made. Explore all the FOCUS products we have in stock and enjoy their Made in the USA quality for yourself.

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