Outdoor String Lights Add a Festive Atmosphere

Regardless of changes in outdoor lighting technology, outdoor string lights, also called market lights or bistro lights, continue to remain one of the most popular types of outdoor lighting to create a festive, fun lighting atmosphere.

We can supply you these high quality, all weather rated outdoor lights at the lowest price. Just let us know the linear foot length off the string lights you require and they will be shipped directly to your lighting installation job location. No more trips to the lighting supply store will be necessary and you will be getting your lights at the lowest possible price

Why Use Outdoor String Lights?

Outdoor string lights are very versatile and can be strung in many creative configurations.

Many of our outdoor string lighting products are all weather rated; by selecting these you can leave your lighting installed year round. You can order many of our string string lighting sections by the linear foot and you can order only the exact length that you need for each area of your outdoor lighting project’s area thus eliminating having to order lights that are to short and don’t quite reach, or ordering lights that are too long that contribute to wasted money unnecessarily spent.

Our bistro market string lights are a favorite central lighting design strategy and component used by most lighting designers for outdoor wedding events and celebrations, parties, music events, outdoor patios in restaurants, bars and nightclubs, cantinas, saloons, as well as private residential homes and properties. These lights are a perfect lighting solution for your patio and barbecue areas.

Commercial Grade Outdoor String Lighting

Because many of our festive string lights are commercial grade, you know you are getting the most reliable, rugged and well-built lighting components designed for continuous outdoor lighting uses in a range of weather conditions.

We carry a complete variety of commercial grade string lighting bulbs and lamps for low voltage 12 volt power supply systems and well as commercial grade bulbs and lamps for standard 120 volt household currents applications. Our bulbs and lamps are available as incandescent bulbs as well as power saving long life LED lamps and bulbs.

You will also find that we supply different light bulb base sizes, in medium base as well as intermediate base. We are proud to offer these high quality commercial grade lights by some of most respected manufactures of outdoor string lighting components, bulbs and lamps.

Professional contractors should remember to sign up and register for their commercial product rates to receive additional discounts.

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