Pond Lights to Accent Your Water Feature

Pond lights create a beautiful nighttime focal point in any water garden or water feature landscape. Different styles, including low profile designs allows for installation in even small places. We carry a nice variety of underwater pond lights from manufactures like Unique Lighting Systems, Corona Lighting, and Lightcraft. Our pond lights are available in attractive designs made from materials including, stainless steel, antique brass, antique bronze, and molded fiberglass. Underwater lights for pond lighting add that extra special magical touch that only submersible lighting can achieve. You will be pleased at our nice selection of quality made pond lights for your ponds, waterfalls and other water features.

Find Beautiful Pond Lighting

You can make a wonderful first impression for your guests even before they step into your home with the addition of pond lights to your outdoor water features. You can set up beautiful pond lighting with our outdoor pond lights. Our stylish and functional light fixtures will help you set the mood for your guests and show them to your decorative taste and style before they even ever enter your home. We also have underwater lighting available with multiple, interchangeable colored filters to create green underwater lighting, red underwater lighting, yellow underwater lighting and blue underwater lighting. We offer lights using a variety of lamp and bulb styles. In addition to light fixtures using halogen lamps we also carry fixtures using energy saving LED lamps and bulbs which last many times longer than halogen, saving you time and hassle of having to change your bulbs as often. We also carry lamps and bulbs for your pond lighting in a variety of wattages from 10 watts up to 50 watts.

Other Benefits to Pond Lights

Creating unique and beautiful water features such as ponds and waterfalls always are at their best at night when you have your pond lighting powered up. Waterproof and submersible lighting adds dazzle to your aquarium, pond or fountain.. Many light fixtures are adjustable which lets you point the light at different angle. Correct use of pond lights will enliven your garden environment creating that ideal atmosphere and exotic outdoor environment. These garden and underwater lights are low voltage lights that can be used in or out of the water. Suitable for use in Fountains, ponds, pool, home, garden, parks, hotels, theaters, clubs, and more. Lighted fountains and water features are found in some of the most famous and beautiful parks in the world. You can turn your home or business property into a spectacular landscape lighting example in the same manner that some of the more notable parks have utilized, with the proper lighting.

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