Heavy Round Base – Sparkle Magic Laser Light Accessories



Heavy Round Base Connects to Rubber Coated Flexible Stem with pre-installed ¼” screw size thread. Flexible stem attaches directly to Illuminator. Serves as stable base for Illuminator. Two additional 12mm predrilled holes allows for staking round base in ground if necessary. Cast iron weather proof coating black surface, 9cm diameter, 18mm height.

ACCESSORIES OVERVIEW Interchangeable mounting accessories are crafted to enhance your decorating experience. Available in three sizes, our Clamps are useful for mounting your Illuminator on surfaces such as beams, posts, eaves or tree branches. The Heavy Steel Base is handy for placing your laser on uneven surfaces like gravel or carpet, while the small Wall Mounting Bracket’s unobtrusive size is great for installing the Illuminator on vertical planes.

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Weight 1 lbs
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