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Bistro, Rope, and String Lights

Landscape Lighting Products offers the top range of bistro, rope, and string lights from the best manufacturers in the business. Make your backyard and patio area glow in romantic, ambient lighting. Perfect for lounging outside on warm summer nights or dining outside, our bistro, string, and rope lights are a great addition to any outdoor landscape design. Learn more about Bistro Lights.

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What are Bistro Lights?

Bistro lights are aptly named and commonly used to illuminate the outdoor patio areas of bistros, cafes, and bars alike. They are a common feature used in the restaurant industry to wash their patio areas with a warm glow and make the dining area cozy, beautiful, and romantic.

From social events to patio dining areas, bistro lights are a huge hit around the world, and now they can be installed right at home. Colors and string styles can all be chosen individually, making your bistro lights positively unique and custom chosen for your exterior design.

Illuminate your outdoor patio or use them to light up your front or rear porch. Bistro lights are versatile, and the light they add to your home will be absolutely beautiful.

The Beauty of String Lighting

String lights have two definitions, which can get confusing when choosing products. String lights are often considered the same as bistro lights, and the terms are used interchangeably. In other definitions, string lights are similar to Christmas lights, and again, those two terms can be used interchangeably.

Typically, however, the string lights you will see on our product pages will be similar to bistro lights, with larger, round bulbs that set off a soft, romantic glow. Another difference is that they are commercial grade and meant to be hung outdoors and survive for years.

Rope Lighting and Its Many Beautiful Uses

Rope lighting is entirely different from string lighting and has many unique uses for residential homes and commercial properties. Unlike string or bistro lights, where the bulb is exposed, rope lights are linked together in a PVC jacket that creates a glowing rope. Rope lights have many uses and can be used for decoration, or even to illuminate the space underneath railings or stairways.

Hanging Lights to Suit Your Landscape Design

Hanging lights are a popular way to add top-down lighting to porches and even to create a beautifully designed moon-effect across your landscape shrubbery. Made of hardwearing materials and attractively designed to suit any property type and design, these hanging lights are perfect for complementing other hanging and string lights in our product lights list.

Explore Your Choices on Landscape Lighting Products

Landscape Lighting Products has a variety of rope, string, and bistro lights available from top brands around the world. Create a romantic escape in your backyard, patio, or porch and enjoy your unique choice of bistro, rope, or string lighting fixtures.


*Remember when choosing string or bistro lights, that you need to match the bulb to the string; otherwise you may end up with incompatible components. Mix and match by all means, because this is how you will find the right light design and level of illumination to best suit your property and your design goals.

Learn more about Bistro Lights.

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