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Landscape Lighting by Unique Lighting Systems

Landscape Lighting Products is proud to offer top products and accessories from Unique Lighting Systems. Explore the large range of lighting systems and buy from us directly as we offer the largest online assortment of quality landscape lights from top manufacturers and designers like Unique Lighting Systems. With our full line of lighting products, you can find the perfect design and lighting system for any of your outdoor designs.

About Unique Lighting Systems

Unique Lighting Systems has over 25 years of experience and are famous for their innovative HUB system, which has become a benchmark for the entire lighting industry. Their designs and HUB system are a great, all-around lighting solution that will save you time and money on your outdoor lighting projects. You will be able to make full use of their low-voltage lighting fixtures, their Multi-Matic transformers, HID bollards, LED lamps, and accompanying accessories.

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Landscape Lighting Products: Lighting Fixtures, Features, Transformers, and HUBs

Landscape Lighting Products offers everything you need to design and complete your home and garden outdoor lighting projects. Shop online and choose from innovative shapes and finishes. Find unique solutions for overall, task, and accent lighting with Unique Lighting Systems’ full product range.

  • Brass and Copper Fixtures.

    Unique Lighting Systems offers brass and copper fixtures, including down lights, up lights, area lights, well lights, niche lights, hardscape lights, water lights, and more. These top-quality fixtures are hard-wearing and perfect to be placed throughout your backyard landscape design. Light up your outdoor space, your garden, and your patio area. Your outdoor space is sure to be safe and beautifully lit with the entire range from Unique Lighting Systems.

  • Transformers.

    Unique Lighting Systems offers a variety of transformers to suit the power and complexity of your outdoor design project. More advanced levels of transformers will even allow you to preset multiple lighting designs so you can pick and choose your nighttime outdoor lighting layout based on your outdoor entertainment needs.

  • LED Lighting Systems.

    Choose from a variety of different LED lighting systems. From varying intensity to a wide range of color, these LED lighting systems are perfect to go with any lighting fixture you choose. With 80% improvement in efficiency and a lifespan that is almost 6 times longer than traditional lights, you will wonder why you haven’t switched before today.

  • Home Automation.

    Automate your outdoor lighting system with the Light Logic cloud-based landscape control system offered by Unique Lighting Systems. Light Logic hooks up to your smartphone and can even be installed to your existing system immediately.

  • HUBs.

    Unique Lighting Systems’ patented HUB system has been leading the industry for years. HUBs are perfect for reducing the wear and tear on the electrical system of your outdoor lighting project. This benefit is achieved by reducing the complexity of the wiring. The entire system is designed to be less expensive, less of a hassle, and easy to customize in the future.

Find All These Fixtures and More on Landscape Lighting Products

Explore our outstanding online collection of Unique Lighting Systems. We update our offerings from Unique Lighting Systems regularly to ensure that you, our customer, can explore the full range of products and find all your landscape lighting solutions in one easy place. Buy online today.

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