Corona Lighting: Low Voltage LED Lights [Buy Online]

Corona Lighting: Low Voltage Landscape LED Lights & Fixtures

Landscape Lighting Products is pleased to offer our customers Corona Lighting, featuring a variety of top designs and a huge range of products. Corona Lighting provides a full selection of affordable and beautiful landscape lights and lighting products for all your landscape needs. Giving you a wide choice of landscape lighting products is our first priority, and we deliver the best assortment around.

About Corona Lighting

This LA-based manufacturer and distributor specializes in low-voltage landscape lights that are affordable, easy to install, and even easier to maintain. They are designed to be hassle-free. If something does break down, replacement parts are available so that you can keep your lighting system working for years.

Enjoy endless possibilities with Corona Lighting’s great quality lights and solid brass landscape fixtures. As one of the innovators of LED usage, these designs are always pushing the boundaries new exciting products offered regularly.


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Landscape LED lights available by Corona Lighting

We offer a huge collection of Corona Lighting products for our customers.

  1. Directional Lights

    Highlight specific areas of your back and front yards with directional lights. Corona directional lights are easy to customize on-the-spot and can change direction after the fact. These quality directional lights are perfect for up-lighting or down-lighting areas of interest on your property.

  2. Well Lights

    Light up your yard with discreet well lights that are buried into your property or installed directly into your patio floor. Their gentle light will provide all-around area lighting perfect for customized design and safety.

  3. Hanging Lights

    Choose from Corona’s stunning collection of hanging lights for your patio, porch, or any other ideal place in your landscape design. They can be used to add chandelier-effect lighting in your eating areas or to cast a moon-effect in your garden design.

  4. Flexible BBQ Deck Lights

    Flexible lights are the perfect companion for any BBQ enthusiast and ideal for cooking a delicious late-night meal. Installed on the wall or near your BBQ, these flexible lights are a must-have deck feature.

  5. Flexible Multi-Purpose Lights

    In addition to BBQs, flexible lights are perfect for many landscape needs. A flexible light can create directional light wherever you want or need. These small flexible spotlights are designed for many purposes and will beautify and enhance your landscape designs.

  6. Area Lights

    Illuminate your backyard with beautiful area lights. Area lights illuminate key spots in your front or backyard.  Highlight your garden, fountain, pool, statues, etc. Your lighting options are endless!

  7. Pathway Lights

    Make any pathway on your property shine with ambient lights that are energy-efficient and stunning. An absolute must to complete any pathway design, these lights will ensure everyone can easily find their way through your property at night. Avoid accidental trips or wandering off the path.

  8. Underwater Lights

    Your pond or other water feature will become a centerpiece of your entire landscape by lighting it from under the water. Enjoy the colors of the water at night with specialized underwater lights to brighten and beautify the darkest water feature.

  9. Brick Step Lights

    Light up brick steps and brick walls for safety and beauty with these small, effective brick step lights from Corona Lighting.

  10. Rail Lights

    Make your porch shine with light. These special rail lights can be installed seamlessly into your railing, porch, or balcony.

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Here on Landscape Lighting Products, you’ll find a variety of products from Corona Lighting. Check out the wide range of underwater, step, rail, pathway, and directional lighting and lighting accessories to all your landscape design needs.

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